Loading, Shipping And Marketing Refinery Products

Training Loading, Shipping And Marketing Refinery Products

Course Introduction:

Over the past decade, there has been significant volatility in the profitability of petroleum refining. In order to put this volatility in perspective and to gain some insight into future trends, it is important to understand the fundamental factors that affect refinery products from a loading, shipping and marketing perspective

The course will begin with a detailed discussion of both crude oil and product markets, including pricing and trading options. The course then moves into the refinery to explore the effects of crude oil type on refining yields and to examine the interactions between crude oil selection and refinery complexity.

Further it will move on to explore the efficient and effective loading and shipping process.

Course Objectives:

To make the refinery production planning, accounts, operations staff, process engineers understand the crude & products loading, shipping and marketing mechanism, how the market change, market fundamentals and its linkage to refining process.

Will also include a discussion of several means refiners are using to improve product mixture.

Who Should Attend?

Refinery Production Planning, Operations Department, Logistics Operation, process engineers and Marketing Personnel.

Course Outline:

Refining Economics
· Introduction to refining.
· Crude & product pricing.
· Refining Margin Calculations.
· Nature of crude oils.
· Refined products quality.
· Refining technology/complexity
· Simple & Complex refineries
· Refining yields
· Refining costs

Crude Oil Refining
· Refined products and key qualities
· Refinery processing units
· Refinery configurations
· Refinery Flow-sheet

Natural Gas Operations
· Natural gas processing
· Pipeline and waterborne transportation
· Changes in natural gas marketing

· Market environment
· Market research led strategies
· Marketing mix
· International marketing plans
· Product development; product life cycles
· Marketing controls; budgets; selling

Refined Product Marketing
· Refined product distribution
· Retail gasoline operations

Shipping Practice
· Ship types and their cargoes
· Interface of ships with seaports
· Ship documentation
· Ship operation; freight rates; liner conferences, dangerous cargo Containerization
· Electronic data interchange (EDI)
· Multi-modalism

Transportation of Refinery Products
· Pipeline shipments
· Waterborne movements
· Oil Logistics Schematic

Industry Players
· The roles of majors, independents, service companies and national oil companies