Training Earn Value Project Management

Earn Value Project Management Training

Course Description

This course introduces participants to several powerful performance metrics and analytical tools that can help them determine whether project goals and objectives are being met.

They will learn how to use Earned Value Management, a highly effective project control system that uses measurement tools like breakdown structures, network diagrams, schedules, budgets, and Gantt charts to ensure that things are on track. The ability to report on progress and project status will greatly impact the reputation of a project leader.

If a project falls off target, the project leader is responsible for maintaining a tight focus on tasks that add to the value of a project, and establishing a framework for keeping team members and other stakeholders aligned with project objectives.

Course Objectives

  • Using Earned Value Management principles
  • Planning, perfoming, an monitor projects
  • Staying focused on the target
  • Correctly basing projects on powerful success metrics
  • Saving projects from failure

Who Should Attend?

  • Project Management Professionals (PMPs)
  • Project managers
  • Functional managers
  • Business leaders
  • Mid-level manager
  • Project managers who need to learn the critical leadership skills

Course Details/Schedule

  • Introduction and History of Earned Value Project Management
  • The Earned Value Body of Knowledge
  • Earn Value Principles
  • Earn Value Management System 32 Criteria
  • Earn Value Management System Terminology
  • Scope the Project
  • Plan & Schedule the Project
  • Estimate the Resources and Authorize Budgets to Form Control Account Plans
  • Establish the Earn Value Project Baseline
  • Employ Earned Value Measurement on Project Procurements
  • Monitor Performance against the Earned Value Baseline
  • Forecasting the Final Cost and Schedule Results
  • Using Earned Value Metrics to Manage a Portfolio of Projects
  • Implement “Simple” Earned Value on all projects
  • Case Study / Sample Earn Value Project Management Problems

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